These are some of the terms that have been put to us by people witnessing our WORLD RECORD Zorb® run for the first time down in Co. Kilkenny.

And of course they are completely correct, God bless them all. Because you see, this is, of course, an insane Zorb® run...it defies all principles of sanity and if, by any bizarre stretch of reason you ever happen to find yourself strapped up inside of a Zorb® that also happens to be perched up on the very top of this place then you'll sure as certain be in for quite probably the largest and by far the most extreme adrenaline rush of all time! Bungee jump? Huh! No way baby...it doesn't come close to this one. This is like that first two or three seconds of the bungee except it goes on...and on....and on....(for about 2 minutes if you've opted for the very top launch point)...you are way out of control and there's no real way of stopping the Zorb® once it gets going.

Are we completely nuts?

Actually no. I'm only kidding about the 2 minutes bit...its actually 1 minute and 48 seconds depending on your weight :-)

...and you're not completely out of control either. We've engineered our Zorb® descent like no other in the world, and have put your well being and safety to the forefront in its design. See those poles in the picture there? Well, they are sunk a hefty 3 feet into the ground and poke a minimum of 7 feet out. There are 64 of them in total and each are strung together with extra heavy duty insulated steel cable, attached to each pole by means of a steel rod/eye. This system guarantees that regardless of wind direction, your Zorb® run will continue from top to bottom with no stops or meandering in between. On top of this, the natural run off at the end of this almost perfect hill means that your ride will come to a gentle end of its own accord, leaving you clear of mind and full of love for the good citizens of this world...(and probably thankful that you are still actually alive)

And you know, of course, you don't have to take it from the very top either - for those of you who would prefer to enjoy a more gentle introduction into the wonderful world of Zorbing, then our site offers several jump off points, allowing you to experience the full Zorb effect, but over a much shorter distance and time frame.

Take a quick peep at the image on your right to get an idea of the concept (if its not immediately apparent above)